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One of Michigan's Best: Nordic Pineapple Bed and Breakfast

As much as I try to keep an open-mind, I must admit that I sometimes harbor preconceived notions. Had you asked me a few weeks ago what I thought about bed and breakfasts, I would have told you that the bed and breakfast scene is for retired couples who intend to leisurely experience an area. So when I was approached to participate in a commercial photo shoot for a bed and breakfast, I was surprised. I mean, I hope I don’t appear to be of retirement age. But modeling is something I am passionate about, so I eagerly agreed. I was provided the details of the shoot and learned that it would take place over two days. Since the location was relatively close to my house, I figured I could drive home at night and return in the morning. I wouldn’t even need to spend the night. But as the weekend of the shoot approached, I was persuaded to spend the night in order to get a real feel of the place. I mean, what better way to be a face representing the bed and breakfast than to experience it firsthand?

In general, modeling involves acting. Let me be the first to tell you, that the images captured during my time at the Nordic Pineapple Bed and Breakfast did not require acting. The entire weekend proved the misconceptions I originally harbored to be inaccurate. The smiles….the laughs, anyone who sees the pictures will realize they captured genuine moments. From the moment I arrived at the location until I left, I was provided with the most comprehensive, comfortable care I could imagine. So, if you’re considering a stay near the Lansing area, consider some of the observations I made during my stay at this amazing bed and breakfast.

Ambiance - Having never been to a bed and breakfast, I didn’t even know how to enter. Do I knock? Do I ring the doorbell? Do I just walk in? As I cautiously walked up the driveway, I noticed two teenage boys playing basketball on the property’s edge. For me, this made me feel immediately at ease. I mean, this was like being at someone’s home. And this “feels like home” theme resonated throughout my entire stay. I continued up the walkway and rang the doorbell. I heard the innkeeper at the top of the stairs. “Michelle? Is that you?” That’s right, she called me by name; she had clearly done her homework. She quickly ushered me in and proceeded to give me a thorough tour of the grand structure. To say I was impressed is an understatement. See, I like that comfortable feeling of being at home. And this feeling persisted throughout the entire weekend. I can’t even count the number of times I was asked if I needed anything. Being taken care of was definitely something I could get used to.

History - During our briefing in the quaint dining room, one of the innkeepers, Kjersten recounted the rich history of the home where we were staying. Since there is no way I can retell the home’s history as poetically as she did, I will challenge you to ask her about it when you book your visit or better yet when you visit the location.

Cleanliness - So, when I stay at a hotel, I insist that my children keep their socks or sandals on at all times. I just don’t typically feel confident about how clean the room is. I mean, hotels have so many rooms to maintain. Essentially, I try not to put much thought into how clean the room is so I don’t get too freaked out. And during this Covid-19 outbreak, there’s no way that I would stay at a hotel. So imagine my pleasure, when the innkeepers explained how the rooms were cleaned and sanitized. In addition, they showed us the hand sanitizers strategically placed throughout the house. So, it is of significance when I tell you that once I was comfortably in my room, I took my sandals off and let my feet go bare, like I would in my own home. I even went down to breakfast leaving my feet without socks or shoes.

Decor - I never pretend to have much of a decorating sense. I describe my own home as pretty “lived in,” which is really just an excuse to have a pretty plain home. But the Nordic Pineapple was immaculately decorated. That being said, it was not one of those places where you feel concerned about breaking expensive vases or knick knacks. While the decor is beautiful, you can also confirm that the space is comfortable. The balance of aesthetic beauty and comfort is a unique find. A few of the rooms have recently undergone some redecorating to make them even more impressive. And I challenge you to find all the pineapples you can when you visit.

Comfort - I really love sleeping in my own bed. There’s something familiar and comfortable about it, and honestly, I don’t often sleep well away from home. I was fortunate enough to stay in the Pink Pumpkin….and yes, there is an adorable pink pumpkin in the room. And I am pleasantly surprised to report that the bed felt amazing. The room was noise-free, dark, and comfortable, which are all things I appreciate. One of my favorite assets of this room was the beautiful wardrobe where I was able to hang my clothes. And it wouldn’t be fair of me not to comment on the expansive grandeur of the bathroom. The bathroom included both an amazing jetted tub and a shower. The suite was impressive, especially considering its low cost.

Location - Nestled in the small town of St. John’s, the bed and breakfast is in the heart of Michigan and is only a short distance from Lansing. And the property includes a huge assortment of trees and beautiful landscaping. And I was also able to experience a touch of the town’s charm during my morning jog. I was ecstatic that when I mentioned jogging, the innkeepers readily explained that it was merely a mile straight down the road to the local park. Once there, I could easily jog around the school campus. I found the area to offer a safe, friendly, and scenic feel. As I quickly learned, this quaint little town is close enough to home for a quick getaway, yet far enough away to feel like you are on vacation.

Breakfast - Words can only begin to describe the taste of the breakfast I was fortunate to partake in while visiting the Nordic Pineapple. I was even able to enjoy the meal in my pajamas. Breakfast was served to me and when it arrived, I was speechless, but the smile on my face spoke volumes. The other model sharing a table with me commented that it was the happiest she had ever seen me. I’m sure it was true. To say that it was the most delicious french toast I’d ever consumed would not be an exaggeration. And while I can’t attest for all of the breakfasts, I can’t imagine that any would disappoint.

Personal - So, what really sets the Nordic Pineapple apart from other places to stay? It’s the way you feel like you are visiting family. It’s the way the innkeepers, Kjersten and Greg call you by your first name. It’s the way they make you feel like you’re at home. There are games to play, televisions, balconies, patio furniture, and a swing that they encourage you to utilize. We even had a bonfire the first night, and they joined us. In addition, they keep a record of each guest that includes their preferences as well as likes and dislikes so they won’t have to ask the same questions during subsequent visits because let’s be honest, once you stay here once, you’ll want to come again.

So remember how I initially believed that bed and breakfasts were designed for retired couples? Do I still agree? If we’re talking about the Nordica Pineapple, I definitely think retired couples would enjoy their stay. I also feel like young couples, friends, and families would also love the comfort and charm this home-away-from-home offers. Make sure to check out their website at and then book your stay. You won’t be disappointed!

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