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Getting into the Holiday Spirit...

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season already in full swing, I have found myself struggling to get into the Christmas spirit. 

With less than two weeks until the big day, I have found myself frantically switching the radio station when a Christmas song comes on, hoping my kids don’t hear it and want me to leave it. 

I put off shopping as long as possible and even then, escaped stores and shopping malls, using Amazon instead.  

It wasn’t long ago that I felt that childhood joy as Christmas approached. 

I couldn’t wait to begin purchasing presents and listening to Christmas Carols. 

I would anticipate the first snowfall and pray that the snow would last until the big day.  

I think the pressure of trying to make the season perfect for my family is at least partially to blame for my current state of mind. 

I mean, I want them to have an amazing time, just like I did as a child. 

I strive to please everyone, and in the meantime, I think I’ve lost track of what really makes this season the “most wonderful time of the year.” 

Looking back, I don’t often recall the gifts that I received on certain Christmases of the past. 

What I do remember are the people and the experiences. 

But being a working mom of three active kids leaves little time for some of these traditions. 

Basketball games and practices, school, work, choir and band concerts, the Christmas program…the list could continue…make it nearly impossible to find time to create those memories.  

This weekend, however, I made a conscious decision to spend the little time that I had, not ordering more presents on Amazon or wrapping gifts, but making taking part in some of those holiday traditions. 

We made gingerbread houses and created some homemade ornaments that the kids can give to others. 

I even allowed some Christmas music in the background.  

And while I’ll never be the kind who gushes over Hallmark movies or begins to decorate and celebrate Christmas as soon as Halloween is over, I found myself becoming more excited for the upcoming day. 

I think this Grinch just had to be reminded that Christmas isn’t about getting everyone on my shopping list the perfect gift, it’s about showing people that you care by investing your time in them. 

And while I know that my family will enjoy the gifts they receive on Christmas morning, I hope that it is the time I spend with them and the memories we create that will last long after the toys have broken or been forgotten. 

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