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Get Ready to Show Everyone your Authentic Self

Most of us endeavor to make a difference. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we are out to save the world, but we all have a message to convey. And the outlet through which each of us choose to deliver our message is unique to us. Some of us talk, others write. Some dance, or sing, or play ball. Others draw or paint. Regardless, most people want others to know what we stand for, and what better way to make a statement than through fashion?

As a model, I am frequently presented with opportunities to serve as a brand ambassador for online companies. Essentially, I purchase clothing at a discounted price if I am willing to take pictures of myself wearing the clothing. I am also encouraged to sell the merchandise to others. For me, these deals aren’t worth it. Anyone can attest to the fact that I am no saleswomen, and the clothing offered isn’t always my unique style.

But I was intrigued when I was approached to partner with them. Why were they different from the other companies who had approached me? Well, they offer customizable merchandise. I choose the color; I choose the message. For me, this was the tipping point. I want my message heard on as many platforms as possible. What better way for me to show fitmodelmom than to broadcast to those around me?

So, I went online and quickly and easily ordered a fitmodelmom hoodie and fitmodelmom leggings. And then I waited. In my experience up until this point, custom items don’t arrive too quickly unless you order in bulk. So as excited as I was to receive my order, I knew I would have to be patient, which if you know me, isn’t one of my stronger assets.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when my pink fitmodelmom hoodie arrived less than a week after I ordered it. And although it was a warm summer afternoon, I was pretty excited to test it out. I’ve had followers interested in purchasing fitmodelmom apparel, so could this be the company that I would recommend to my supporters or others who want their message voiced?

Customer service - First of all, the website is easy to maneuver, so ordering was easy. I simply contacted Brenden at I explained my vision, and he created the online items as I envisioned them. From there I was able to choose the color and size I wanted to purchase. I inputted my information and placed the order. It was hassle free, and for me that best part was that I had the design I wanted, but didn’t have to create it myself.

Timeliness - What do I hate most about ordering personalized items? The wait time. Because the merchandise has to be printed, it takes forever. And I’m a “microwave baby” as my mom likes to say. I want things instantaneously. Fortunately for me, the hoodie arrived less than a week after I placed the order, and the leggings came shortly thereafter. I also liked that shipping wasn’t delayed for the sweatshirt just because the leggings weren’t ready.

Price - Admittedly, the prices are more than I typically spend on clothes. That being said, I don’t normally purchase clothing with my message. Taking that into account, it makes sense that the prices would be more than the bargains at the store. And I was able to receive a ten percent off discount for signing up for text and email notifications.

Size/Fit - I was also concerned about the size and fit of the sweatshirt and leggings, especially considering that these are costume items. I discovered that the clothing was true to size and was pleased with the fit.

Quality - For me, comfort is key, and my fitmodelmom sweatshirt and leggings did not leave me disappointed. The hoodie was thick and soft, two characteristics I love in a sweatshirt. I was impressed with the fabric, and the print looks like it will withstand the washing cycle as well. I am quite particular about the quality of leggings. Like most women, I hate sagging leggings, and I for sure don’t want them to be transparent. To my delight, the fabric of the leggings was thick enough that I didn’t have to worry about them looking like tights. And the elasticity made them easy to put on, and they stayed in place even while I was active.

Personalization - The best part of the entire transaction was that I was able to get the style of clothing I wear everyday with my personal own brand delivered to my door quickly and easily. And although there are other companies offering services with personalization, they often take more time than I am willing to wait.

Am I sold? Most definitely. I can’t wait to share pictures of me in my new brand apparel. is where I will order my own fitmodelmom merchandise from now on, and I would encourage you to purchase yours there as well.

And whatever your message to the world is today, choose to create customizable apparel that fits your unique style.

And after you order, make sure to send me a picture of you in your new gear. @fitmodelmom.

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