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Five Minute Eyes

If you’re anything like me, you don’t give yourself much extra time in the morning to get ready. I typically leave myself just enough time to do a 30-minute workout DVD, jog a few miles, brush my teeth, shower and do my hair. With the five minutes I have remaining before I need to leave for work, I find the time to apply a little makeup. For me, the makeup routine consists of eye makeup only. So, if you’re strapped for time, and want to enhance your eye, this routine is just for you.

Step 1: I begin with a traditional black eyebrow pencil. I use it to fill in my natural eyebrow. Since I am relatively content with the shape and size of my eyebrows, I use the pencil to fill in any empty space. If you want to change the size and shape of your brow, this is your moment. Personally, I think the more natural the eyebrows appear, the better. I simply use short brush strokes starting closest to your nose and moving outward.

Step 2: Next, I curl my eyelashes with an eyelash curler. I make sure to include all the eyelashes to begin. I clamp the eyelashes as close to the root as possible, making sure not to press too hard. I hold for about five seconds and then release. Then I use my finger to spread the eyelashes apart. Then I switch to the next eye.

Step 3: Then I take the inner rim brightener and apply it to the under waterline. In case you were wondering, like I was the first time someone recommended this to me, your waterline is the line of your skin separating your eye from your eyelashes. Apply a thin line beginning at the inner corner of your eye and extending outward. Have a q-tip handy in case you get any excess on your eyelashes.

Step 4: I use liquid highlighter as “eye shadow”. I use my ring finger to apply the cream and begin at the inner corner of my eyelid. This is where I want most of the color to be so I focus my attention here. Then I blend the cream across my eyelid until I reach the outer corner. Then I dab a little on the inner corner of my eye near my nose. I duplicate this process for the other eye.

Step 5: Eyeliner is the next step. I have tried several different types of eyeliner, but I prefer to use black eye shadow and an eyeliner brush. This provides a natural look and I don’t have to worry as much about perfectly drawn, even lines, which I am terrible at creating. Instead, I put the brush into the eye shadow. Then, beginning at the inside of my eye, I use gentle brush strokes. The thinnest part of the line should be toward the inner part of your eye. As you move outward, you want the line to get both thicker and darker. Make sure to reapply the eye shadow as needed to get the desired effect. Extend the line past the outer corner of your eye upward toward your eyebrow. I always put a little extra black eye shadow on the outer corners. Then I repeat the process for the other eye. And remember not to freak out if you make a little mistake. Q-tips are your friend and can easily remove any accidents.

Step 6: The last step for my eye routine is mascara. I remove the wand from the tube and begin at the outside corner eyelashes. I focus my attention on the ends of the eyelashes and apply the mascara using a curling motion. For the lower lashes, I use a horizontal back-and-forth motion to make sure the mascara reaches the ends of all of the lashes. And remember to have the Q-tips ready just in case.

This process takes five minutes or less once you’ve practiced. And of course, you can alter it to make it work for your own face, style, or look. And if you like this five-minute eye routine, take a picture and share it with me @fmm_thewolf or @fitmodelmom. I would love to see your end result.

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